Little Angels Center is a multidisciplinary agency dedicated to ensuring an individualized approach to therapy, utilizing the most current treatment strategies, to maximize one’s potential. Little Angels Center’s success is attributed to our expert team’s ability to foster strong relationships between providers, families and the municipalities that we service.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Structured Adult Day Program


Little Angels Day Program provides oversight and supervision, cognitive training and social interaction for adults who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, and other brain disorders. The Day Program provides the patients with activities to improve attention, memory, language skills, activities of daily living, functional math skills, socialization, as well as, cooking and arts and crafts. Our program addresses the specific goals of each individual to increase their independence to their fullest potential.

Services provided by Little Angels Center Day Program include:

  • Cognitive Therapy – The focus of cognitive therapy is to improve attention, working memory, and problem-solving abilities. We utilize a variety of cognitive approaches to facilitate improved function and independence for our patients. The therapists aid the patients in adopting strategies to create new habits to cope with their disability more effectively.
  • Music Therapy - Our music therapist utilizes music to assist with cognition, memory, and language. Music therapy is used to activate visual, motor and coordination areas on both sides of the brain as well as areas deep into the brain that are responsible for emotion and memory. It provides a way of creating new pathways within the brain to accommodate for an injury to another part of the brain.
  • Art Therapy - We use art therapy as a modality to improve cognition, sensory-motor functions, self-awareness, and self-esteem. The patients are able to utilize art as a creative outlet and as a form of expression.
  • Cooking - This is used as a modality to increase the ability to follow and give directions, use fine motor skills and work on overall activities of daily living.  The participants work together to create a meal of their choosing.

TBI Waiver Program

Little Angels Center participates in the TBI Waiver program with the goal of maximizing the individual's independence within the community.

TBI Waiver Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Medical documentation of a brain injury and be between the ages of 18-64 years old.
  • Active Medicaid
  • Meet nursing home level of care
  • Must choose to live in the community rather than a nursing facility.

For more information please contact the Regional Resources Development Center at 631-320-1662

What is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

Traumatic brain injury, often referred to as TBI, is most often an acute event similar to other injuries. That is where the similarity between traumatic brain injury and other injuries ends. One moment the person is normal and the next moment life has abruptly changed.

In most other aspects, a traumatic brain injury is very different. Since our brain defines who we are, the consequences of a brain injury can affect all aspects of our lives, including our personality. A brain injury is different from a broken limb or punctured lung. An injury in these areas limit the use of a specific part of your body, but your personality and mental abilities remain unchanged. Most often, these body structures heal and regain their previous function.

Brain injuries do not heal like other injuries. Recovery is a functional recovery, based on mechanisms that remain uncertain. No two brain injuries are alike and the consequence of two similar injuries may be very different. Symptoms may appear right away or may not be present for days or weeks after the injury.

One of the consequences of brain injury is that the person often does not realize that a brain injury has occurred.

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