Little Angels Center is a multidisciplinary agency dedicated to ensuring an individualized approach to therapy, utilizing the most current treatment strategies, to maximize one’s potential. Little Angels Center’s success is attributed to our expert team’s ability to foster strong relationships between providers, families and the municipalities that we service.

Summer Programs 2021

Little Angels Center
Summer Programs 2021

Handwriting Workshop

Our 6-week children’s handwriting group is led by an occupational therapist and is geared to develop and enhance legibility. Children will be taught correct letter formation, spacing, and sizing of letters utilizing a combined approach of Handwriting Without Tears, Size Matters, and Fundations. This therapist provides a group learning approach with individualized assistance to each student within the group. Therapist will assist with grasp positioning and posture to promote optimizing performance throughout sessions.

6-Week Program, 45-minute sessions

July 5-August 13

Pick One Weekly Session

@ Blue Point
Mondays @ 8 am or 1 pm (7/12 start)
Tuesdays @ 10 am
Thursdays @ 12:30 pm or 1:30 pm

@ Islip Terrace
Wednesdays @ 12 pm

Fee - $200
We are also offering this group via telehealth services through Zoom.

Gross Motor Group

A 6-week program, led by a physical therapist, focused on enriching necessary skills to engage in sports and activities that will be encountered in a school setting. Children will work on bilateral coordination, strength, and balance, while learning a new sport, game or activity each week.

@ Blue Point

6-Week Program, 45-minute sessions

July 5 - August 13
Mondays @ 2 pm

Fee - $200

Baby Sign Language

6-Week Program

July 12- August 19

@ East Yaphank – Thursdays – 9:30 am
@ Blue Point – Tuesdays – 4:30 pm
@ Islip Terrace – Wednesdays – 10:30 am
@ Smithtown – Mondays – 4:30 pm

Fee - $150

Social Skills Group

Our 6-week social skills group is led by a speech-language pathologist and is geared to facilitate social interactions between peers. Pragmatic language skills targeted include conversation initiation, topic maintenance, asking questions, turn-taking, social problem solving, eye contact, body language, and personal space. The groups are held once a week for thirty minutes.

Activities will be geared towards children (ages 3-5) with mild to moderate pragmatic language difficulties but can be graded to accommodate a variety of skill-sets and limitations. Skills will be targeted within structured pragmatic language tasks specifically geared to each child’s needs.

July 6 – August 10
@ East Yaphank
Tuesdays at 11:00 am

Fee - TBA

**Additional times and locations to be added to accommodate

Shoe Tying Group
“Let’s Learn to Tie Our Shoes”

Tired of your child not being able to tie their own shoes? Our 6-week children’s shoe tying group is led by an occupational therapist and is geared to develop and enhance shoe tying. Children will be taught using strategies to promote independence. This therapist provides a group learning approach with individualized assistance to each student within the group.

@ Blue Point
Dates & Times TBA

Fee - TBA

Early intervention Feeding Group

The Early Invention Feeding Group will be comprised of 1 speech-language pathologist and up to 4 children accompanied by 1 caregiver each. Activities will be designed around a sensory-motor approach to feeding while incorporating opportunities for functional language learning and use. Caregivers will be given a list of tools as well as a schedule of required foods prior to the first session. Each session will begin with a sensory-based activity, working towards more structured motor-based activities, including straw drinking, open cup drinking, spoon-feeding, chewing, biting from a whole, and more based on the needs of the participants. Expectations of child behavior will be tailored for each individual (ex: touching pudding versus wiping the pudding on the child’s mouth). Parents will be coached through exercises by the speech-language pathologist through both verbal explanations and models. The caregivers will be encouraged to ask questions and share ideas amongst the group. The last 15 minutes of the sessions will be spent fielding any questions and cleaning.

Start – 20 mins: Background on targeted skills; Set Up; Sensory Play
20-45 mins: Motor Based Activities (e.g., straw drinking, open cup drinking, spoon-feeding, etc.)
45-60 mins: Clean up; Questions

Location & Times TBA

Fee - TBA

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